What are the best baby wipes?

We use Huggies Soft Skin with Shea Butter in it. It's so soft and perfect for our Lucas! I think there are a lot of great kinds out there, but when we first tried these we just loved them the best! :)

What kind do you use for baby? :)

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    My favorite are the walmart brand. I've tried a ton of other kinds and the Huggies and pampers brands are too silky for me and just sort of slip off Tristen. The walmart brand I feel like I can scrub him good. Lol
      Melissa Middleton
      We use Huggies Natural fragrance free. They are softer and do not causes rashes like the other kinds. My son has extremely sensitive skin so everything has to be fragrance free. We even make our own detergent and switched to wool dryer balls.
      I believe whatever wipes work best for your child, is the best brand out there.
        We use parents choice.
          They used to sell these wipes from Johnson and Johnson, they were so smelly fresh, thin and wet, the huggies are so thick I like em thin, then my second best was Pampers brand green box.
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