Best natural mom remedies... Add yours! :)

I love sharing natural remedies! I'm just going to info dump the stuff I can think of, so this might be a long post, lol!

Anxiety- Eating healthy and exercise will help... especially exercise to lower those cortisol levels. But, as for products to use... Ylang Ylang essential oil. Lavender essential oil. Valerian root. You can get valerian root fresh (you can order fresh online) buy capsules or liquid in a dropper. It works WONDERS. It will build up in your system just like xanax and the like would so it lowers your anxiety immediately and prevents it over time too. It does smell funny, kinda like cheese... So I recommend fresh for the most benefits or in capsules so you don't have to smell it as much. Not so much on the prepackaged tea. Same with Kava Kava.

Cavities- Fermented cod liver oil.. Heard Tabitha Hidalgo was having great success healing her daughter's cavity with this. I've also heard butter oil helps.

Lack of focus, concentration, or just sluggish feeling or sleepy... Peppermint anything. A good sniff of peppermint essential oil wakes me right up. I also use peppermint lotion from Bath and Body Works whenI feel tired when working or driving. Altoids. Peppermint gum.... Anything peppermint wakes me up.

Headaches... Peppermint as above and also lavender oil. You can also massage the pressure point between your thumb and fingers down in the meaty part of your hand. You'll know it when you feel it. Five minute massage gets rid of a lot of headaches. Donno why it works.

Cough, congestion, cold... I always make hubby a “health potion” and he swears by it. I even put it in a little vial that a Mana Energy Potion came in because A. I'm a dork and B. it feels epic. I mix... Tomato juice, sometimes V8... Quite a bit of red (cayenne) pepper, black pepper, and white pepper... Turmeric for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.. Liquid vitamins... B blend, D. Quite a bit of those too. I'm mixxing this in a very small amount, by the way... a swallowful, maybe a few tablespoons. Lemon juice. Sometimes I will add honey. Valerian liquid can be added to take the edge off the irritated feeling that comes with being sick. A clove of raw garlic can also be offered for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Even when nothing else he's tried is working, he always feels better in a few minutes after this. :D

Depression and moodiness... Lithium orotate from the healthfood store or online. Could be psychosomatic, but I felt MUCH better when using it. I forgot about it til writing this... Maybe I'll buy a bottle.

Ovulation and long cycles and irregular cycles- Chasteberry (Vitex) and soy isoflavones.

Insomnia- lavender oil, valerian root, kava kava

Dry skin- coconut oil. Can also be made into a scrub by adding sugar

Acne... Not quite “natural” but one of the only things I've found that works. (weird, I know.) Yeast infection cream! Like... down there yeast infection cream. Myconazole Nitrate. Works wonders over a week... Donno why, either, lol.

There's a few for now, haha! I'll try to add more in another post sometime.

What are your favorite natural remedies?

And if anyone has a good remedy for joint pain and stiffness, I'd love to hear it! Also, anything for autoimmune help?

Also, some of you essential oil lovin' ladies like Theresa Gould.. What are your favorite go-to's?

I hope it works for you, Ashlyne. I'm the type of person who can't use any of the prescription depression meds... They make it worse for me. So, lithium orotate was quite literally a lifesaver for me. Let's hope you have the same results!
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      I'm out of the loop.. What do you use elderberry syrup for? Is it food or medicine or what?
        8Theresa Gould
        We use Raven, R.C., Breathe Again and Peppermint for colds and coughs.

        Thieves or Peppermint is good for fevers.

        Thieves is also good for tooth aches and as a breath freshener if you can stand the taste (cinnamon, cloves and three other oils).

        Peppermint is good for mosquito bites.

        Lavender and Frankincense are good for skin conditions. Lavender is also great for burns.

        Frankincense for migraines and headaches.

        There are a ton more but those are the basics.
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