Best yarn to make baby socks? Baby powder scented cotton!

Though I haven't been crocheting really at all lately, it is a favorite pastime of mine... And a great way to revel in your thoughts of your (possibly future) little one is by making them something handmade and full of love.

When I was pregnant, I started on a crocheted viking cap for baby and daddy. I think I need to finish the one for my husband so he can wear it in the winter when he plays with his swords... complete with horns, and I'm even adding a detachable viking beard to keep his face warm!

And I have a passion for good yarn, but man can it get expensive! I had a gift certificate for a local yarn shop with lots of homemade stuff, and I haven't used most of it because I want to find the perfect project to use them.

I do have a go-to for middle ground yarn though, that a friend introduced me to when I first started crocheting. For a lot of things, I find the cheap SuperSaver yarn like you can buy at Wal-Mart works just fine, but for some things I just want cotton.

Baby socks, I think, would fall into the cotton category for me, I think. It MIGHT even help them stay on (I doubt it, lol)

Anyway, the brand I normally use for cotton stuff is Sugar and Cream. They come in pretty small skeins, but are relatively inexpensive and they have beautiful cheery colors of all sorts. I adore their blues... like a bright sky They have baby colors and mixed colors like berries and cream. But.. the coolest thing about making baby stuff with Sugar and Cream yarn?

They make SCENTED yarn too! (I was that kid who wanted everything smelly.... stickers, markers, nail polish, anything scented haha!) Just as good and sturdy as the normal stuff... but you can buy a white cotton that as you work it through your fingers while crochetingor knitting, smells like baby powder! They have a few other scents too like rose which is pink, chamomile, lavender, aloe vera, and vanilla. but I think this one would be just perfect for sitting and crocheting baby items. I know I definitely want some when the time comes.

The smell isn't overwhelming, and this cotton yarn is great for being washed... I like to make dish cloths out of it. It doesn't get all balled up or frizzy, it stays pretty well in tact. Just a light, breezy hint of baby powder to keep your mind and heart focused 'til you can sniff that baby head! :) :)

What about you? What's your favorite yarn to make baby socks?

Or your favorite yarn in general?

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    I am learning to crochet! I can't wait to start making things!
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      I can't knit either... I've found it goes about like that. Or knit, knit, knit... Realize I dropped a stitch 20 minutes ago. Proceed to throw across room.
        I really enjoy loom knitting. (I tried knitting with needles and I also tried crochet, but I had trouble with both.) I love the chunky #6 yarn, but I'm not very specific on brands. I like soft and inexpensive yarn.
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