So i posted yesterday about my husband friend trying to take time away from my husband from his family.
Well i think he may of suceeded. Last night he was quiter than normal. So i asked him whats up. He says he has something on his mind. I asked him about what. At first he refused to talk about it, but he finally came out and said it.
He told me he has been thinking alot as donny (his friend) has been asking so much when he next is going to visist and if he would bring us all or not. I told my husband we all can go and why not ask donny about us all going this tax season so he can see his godson. My husband said thats not what donny wants and donny is right what happens when i do have to go alone for a few days.
I told him look we all go to fl but i have family there, u spend time with him and i will spend time with family, who will help me with kids and i wont feel like i did plus when is it his turn to come here and kf he wants to see u or visit u so bad he can come here as right now he has no job and then april (his gf) will know what i felt like being in another state missing you.
And at that point he stopped and didnt want to talk about it.
So i think his best friend is getting to him and i fear next tax season he ks going to say hey would u be mad if i go visit donny.

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