4th of July plans

Whats everyone's plans for the 4th? My family is going to our houseboat. We are super excited! Going to be there Weds-Sunday. Only down side is its going to be in the 100's. At least we are on the water. Guess we will be in the water all day long!

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      Melissa Middleton
      I am not sure yet. We aren't going to do fireworks because they'll hurt my son's ears (until we can purchase baby ear protection). We may do a BBQ and the park if the weather permits. I would love to go to the lake though--it's just getting the hubby to want to. Also, our home is being worked on this summer by a service project group, so we shall see what happens.
        I have a doctors appt. on the 4th not doing much maybe buy some sparklers and glow sticks.
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