I never knew that birth control could mess me up so much! I didn't realize how sick I had gotten. This morning I woke up feeling like an actual NORMAL person! It's been since before Tristen was born that that has happened. This morning is the first morning in over a year that I woke up and my hands were not numb. I never linked it to the birth control but clearly it is...I feel alert and haven't even had a whole cup of coffee yet and honestly don't feel like I NEED it. The day after I had my IUD removed my stomach went down 3 inches and I am excited to be able to work out and not be so exhausted after. It amazes me what hormones can do to your body...not to mention the fact that it has made my husband like he was when we very first got together. He is just happier as well. It may sound crazy but birth control really had an effect on him as well. I haven't had this much energy in I don't know when...I feel like myself again!

    I had never been on BC until after Tristen was born so I had no idea what it would do to me. I'd rather have 30 babies instead of being on that stuff again...ok not really. Lol
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