What did you overspend on?

So.. Bountiful Basket had cherries this week. 25 lb box of em for what amounted to about $1.50/lb. That's insanity so I just had to buy the box. But 2 people cannot go through 25 lbs of cherries before they go bad so I had to buy a cherry pitter.

I spent $11 on a cherry pitter, because that was the only one at K-Mart. It's an Oxo, so I know it's good quality.. but really what I saved on those cherries, I spent on the pitter..lol

Is there a gadget or accessory that you just know you overspent on but did it anyway?

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      My computer. My old computer was about 11-12 years old...it was getting senile, with a heavy dose of dementia. My husband decided it was time for me to have my very first new computer (which was also my first computer that was entirely mine, and not a hand-me-down)...I let my husband choose all of its components, since he's the IT Guy and I'm the "press buttons til it works" girl. We ended up spending almost $1800 on it, but it'll last for YEARS, and it runs everything perfectly. He wanted me to have an awesome gaming computer, and it certainly is....it would've cost more, too, but we got a nice military discount on it.
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