Did you have relationship problems during pregnancy

I was lucky to be with the greatest man I've ever been with while I was pregnant. We were late starters and I think that helped. At this point in our lives we were done with games, done with drama. We worked hard, were settled in our jobs and were happy with our relationship.

Even still, pregnancy can put a lot of strain on a relationship. There are many uncertainties and I think that's where problems can happen. I know that about 3 months along, my bf finally admitted that he was scared of raising a kid wrong. We all fear that. And there's no way to make a plan to make sure that you do everything right, because you won't. None of us do, but we do the best we can.

The best advice I can give is to communicate freely with your partner. I was blessed to only work until about 7 months pregnant then stop and just be at home during the day. But even then, I had to make sure to pick my battles. Our hormones during pregnancy make us nuts and make us think that everything is a huge deal when really.. it's not.

So.. think about that, too. Give yourself a bit of time to process your feelings before bringing everything up. He's stressed out too and I think sometimes we forget that.

Also, keep people out of it. It's normal and healthy to vent about things but try not to talk badly about your partner to other people. When things blow over it's tough to call back whatever was said.

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    We had our issues during the pregnancy. It did not help that we had so many other things going on at the same time. We had roommates who lived with us who just got out of hand, family issues, and we were just arguing a lot more. We almost broke up a few times. But we both knew that we loved each other and we wanted to be there for each other and our son. We still have issues to this day, and sometimes they become explosive which we are working on. But we both love and care deeply for each other that it takes time and work to make things good.
    Also, I believe that space is something that we both realize we need to give each other at times, and that is sometimes some advice that people lack to realize or take. You need time and space to breath and calm down, and to be your own person at times.
      Amy Phroper
      I did my first pregnancy all alone. It was hard but my family was awesome and everything turned out great. My last 2 pregnancies my husband was awesome. They were both hard as I was on bed rest almost the whole time with both and that made me go crazy. Lol.
      Oh I can imagine adding bed rest to it would stir some stuff up. I don't think we ever actually argued. I would get a bit snippy then check myself and apologize and he would always put an arm around me and say we'll be okay and he understood.

      Him coming to the doctor with me all the time and to the childbirth class was a big help, too. If your partner is there listening to the doctor and learning he'll know that you aren't just being a heel. That hormones really are screwing with you. He had an app on his phone before I did!
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