Well that sucked a tad bit

For some odd reason i thought today was july 1 which meant haiden had an apotiment.
So i planned my day according to his apoitment time which was 3pm.
First thing we slept in until almost 9am minud haiden who was up at 6:40am.
We got ready for haidens swim lessons by 10am we were at the pool. We stayed and watched haiden.
After that i took logan to our villiage cop who i know very well growing up where we live. The cop explained to logan about saftey and stealing as logan seems to be doing that plus i got sick of telling logan not to run away, no going on roads, and keeping his seatbelt on and he refused to listen.
After that we had lunch at 12. And right after that i put all kids in room. Got haiden at 1pm for him to have a meeting with a lady from big brothers big sister for school this year.
I then sent him back to his room.
Now sucky part.
I got kids up, everything i needed. We headed to haidens apoitment. I drive the 30mins, got to clinic and checked in to find out that july 1st is tomorow not today(which his apoitment is july 1). So all along i thought today was july 1st.

    I thought it was too...I've been thrown off all day because of it.
      8Theresa Gould
      I have done that for a dental appointment!
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