Feeling unappreciated

After Breakfast I got dressed and asked my Husband to get our Son (since it's hard to watch him AND get dressed at the same time. My husband didn't budge, so I carried Ben to his crib, knowing full well he would cry. Instead of my husband being grateful I took care of it, he laid it in to me. He took Ben out of his crib and had him play in the hallway. I was so upset I went back to bed (he wanted him, then FINE) I woke up to Ben crying (shocker) and when I was able to get to Ben, he had pooped! REALLY,?? You couldn't take a few minutes to see why he was fussy.

I changed his diaper AND fed him lunch and bottle AND laid him in his car seat when he fell asleep. Did I hear a thankyou??? NOT! GRR!!!

    Jessica Brewer
    I know how you feel, my husband play's on the xbox ALL the time and god forbid I ask him to help with the baby or one of the other girls. When I do ask it takes him forever to do it. If he dont get to the baby before I can, when I do he says "I was going to get her" Yeah right.
      8Theresa Gould
      I'm sorry he's not as attentive as you want him to be and that he laid into you. I've said it before and I'll say it again, men can seem to take forever to have their fatherly instincts kick in...hope yours clues in sooner than most.
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