Good or bad? Is it bad to want or drink coffee any time of the day, and I'm not talking about Starbucks....

Jessica BrewerDunn, North Carolina
    Jessica Brewer
    I drink 2-3 cups in the morning but today for some reason I wanted more today.
      Iced coffee is pretty much my drink of choice throughout the day. I love the taste of it...my husband had the nerve the other day to ask if I drank anything besides coffee and I got super offended and defensive. I think maybe that's a sign I'm drinking too much :-)
      Totally the addiction speaking! lol the ones you pour over ice are too thick for me but I love those bottled Starbucks ones but when I'm at home I just make my own. I grind my coffee beans every morning and that makes a huge difference. I've gotten pretty good at making it...plus I like a strong coffee flavor, add a little sugar and some whole milk or half and half and sometimes some vanilla extract if I want some extra flavor and I'm good to go :-)
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