Fruit Munchy

Erik's daughter is on a plum kick. Erik bought plums and nectarines for our spontaneous 2 day 1 night camping trip. I also bought 4 more plums when we got back. I only had one plum and his daughter ate the other 3. I was a little peeved considering she didn't ask anyone else if they would like any plums before eating the last one. I didn't approach her because I don't want to embarrass her, and I'm glad she is eating fruit instead of junk food. I did address it with Erik (her practicing courtesy) and asked that he buy more plums because I'm craving them.

We don't have a whole lot of money to spend catering on what the kids like to eat, but we will have fruit on hand because we believe in setting good nutritional standards for snacking.

Anyone else this summer experiencing munchies for fruit?

    8Theresa Gould
    Yes, definitely! We try to limit fruit servings to 2-3 a day but when we bring home a four quart basket of strawberries and it sits there and the children sit at the table....they can go through that whole basket pretty quickly and have! All because we did not "process" them right away by freezing them or making jam.

    I've also had a taste for watermelon. Yummy!
      At least sh's eating fruit but maybe you could tell her to save you one next time.
        Yes, I'm craving Cantelope, watermelon, really ripe pears. Because they are on sale a lot around here, I get a bunch of it..
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            I really enjoy cantaloupe this time of year!
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