Is this normal???

I am going to be 37 weeks on Wednesday, and I feel completely miserable. I am so sick of being pregnant, I don't ever want to go anywhere, I hate wearing clothes, my son hasn't dropped but I pee every 10mins. I cant sleep through the night anymore. But during the day I am exhausted, when I haven't done a darn thing but sit on my butt. I feel like I have done an extreme work out and out of breath just from walking to the kitchen and sitting down on the couch. WHAT IS GOING ON? I am a first time mom.

    Aw.. totally normal.. and I know it sounds annoying.. but you just have to hang in there.. 3 weeks seems like forever.. but it isn't! Can you get a nice prenatal massage? Go get a mani? Something to help relax you but also make you feel a little better maybe? Sometimes if I felt "over it" all.. I would give myself perspective, the Moms with tons of issues, the gals wanting babies.. etc.. it helped me get out of my funk and got me more excited :)
      It's totally normal...I was over it at about 20 weeks lol carrying that baby around is a lot of work!
        4Mandy Drake
        Completely normal. Just try to relax and get as much rest as possible while you can. All of your discomfort will be a thing of the past in a few weeks.
          Very normal. The end is so uncomfortable and draining. You should really be resting and trying to get as much sleep as you can right now. Eff the house work it can wait. No one that important is coming over that it matters lol. You aren't hosting for the queen or anything. Just hang in there and get some much needed rest for you and your little one. You are so close to being over and done with all of this and getting ready to feel a whole new world of tired and emotions. Its all worth it in the end!!
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