Umm WHAT!?

So this article is quite loopy if you ask me.. a poor sweet Icelandic girl is being denied an updated passport because her NAME doesn't pass Iceland naming guidelines.. umm what? Yeah, you read that right. When a baby is born in Iceland, within 6 months of birth that must have their name submitted for approval.. there is a bank of 1,000+ boy and girl names that have been approved and obviously it must fall under one of those.. Yes.. you are still reading something that is REAL!

The girl in the article, her parents are both from France and never went ahead and got her name submitted or obviously approved.. now they are trying to vacation to France and the Icelandic government is putting a halt to it all.. umm yeah.

This honestly sounds nuts to me! The craziest thing is that this country has a tiny bank of names in which people can pull from.. really? What makes a person stand out is there name.. regardless of how simple or uncommon it might be.. I find this so sad and disheartening!

Mamas.. what do you think?…

    That's really strange
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