Is the milk good?

so as some of you know, I started a "salary based office job" today. Yeah I had to walk door to door in the texas heat, I'm sunburnt like crazy, and extremely dehydrated. not only that but its completely salary based and I didnt make crap. But my question is my milk looks kinda funny, like really watery, so is it fine to give it to my daughter? or do I have to pump and dump?

    yeah I would have to. I'm not going back. turns out my boyfriend tried the exact same job with the exact same people and made $10 in one week. It costs me $100 a week for brielle to be watched. so I'm wasting money I don't have. and then the lady I trained with told me my boyfriend was lying about who he trained with and what company he worked for. He even described how the people there looked in depth. I know my boyfriends not lying. like I'm seriously so upset that I even wasted my time with these people.
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