Men so clueless to feelings

So tonight my husband again
Said something about his friend donny. I told him i didnt want to hear it anymore of donny begging him about visiting anymore. He said no think u might want to hear it. I told him no and i dont care. Wl then he says to me that donny and his gf would pay a babysitter so we all could do
Something as adults. I told my husband no they wont have to do that cuz its not their job to if we go there together and only person i would trust would be donnys mom.
I then went on and told him how i think he is spending to much time with him and he should spend more time with us. I brought up saturday and sunday and he got defensive.
Then we got into an argument over why i cant stand donnys gf. Well i explained to him cuz she always wants to be by the guys and never tries to even engage in conversation with me. I have tried to get to know her 4times and got know where with her. First time was when donny brought her to visit us. I gave her the bennifit of the doubt as she was in a new place surrounded by new people so she felt more comfortable with being close to donny. Second time we were in fl, i offered to watch movies or just talk but she just wanted to stay with the guys and be by them and watch what she wanted on her laptop. 3rd time they came here and again i tried but all she did was hide in our sons room where we let them sleep until we left. 4time at my sons baptism all she did was hide out and when we were together it was all of us. So i gave up and decided if she dont want to get to know me then why should i try anymore with her, and for this i dont like her or hate her i have no opinion on her. But my husband gets defenseive and says i am the hard one as i seem to hate her and so not the case.
And he gets all defensive when i talked about how i am feeling jelouse over donny cuz it seems he wants just him.

    8Theresa Gould
    Debi has given some sound advice.

    I'd also add that maybe you could talk to Donny's girlfriend to see if she wants to get together one on one. My thought is, these are your husband's friends and he wants them around, it might be a good idea to give it another go at a different angle.
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