pregnancy with PCOS?

does anyone have experience getting pregnant with PCOS? I've been trying for a year and have an appointment in 2 weeks. I'm curious what has worked for others.

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    thank you. I have been tracking my ovulation and there is nothing happening. It's good to hear you were in the same boat and you have 3 little ones. I've been trying for a year now and have been down hearted about it lately out of frustration. At first I kept thinking I might be pregnant when I didn't get my period and now that thought really doesn't cross my mind, but I take a test because it still occurs to my husband. He's started doing some reading on PCOS, but doesn't want to read too much because I think he's scared of what he'll find. I have told him it doesn't mean I can't get pregnant, but we're both 36 so he's understandably worried.
    Reading your situation has made me feel a lot better.
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