Am i over reacting or am i being hard headed stubborn

So my husband last night told me that i was being unfair and stubborn over his best friends gf april and that i dont give people chances on trying to get to know them. I feel that i have tried and everytime i tried she shut me down or ignored me and now i feel that anybody will do the same so i told him i just come to accept the fact i wont have friends to talk to or hang out with and why should i let people in when all they will do is shut me out. I am fine with who i talk with and will accept thr fact the i will talk with april when she wants to.
But how many chances should i give when i have tried.
It all started when donny first came to visit with her. She was shy, and always wanted to be next to donny and my husband. I tried to make conversation with her and get to know her but she ignored me or said excuse me and walked away or said lets go by the guys. I gave her a chance as i thoght ok she is with new people and new state so she is uncomfortable.
Then we went to visit in 2011 in fl. I asked her if she would come to where we were ad watch a movie or talk. She said no she was going to bed. So i walked back and i watched some tv alone while kids were in bed. After an hr i walked into the backyard pool room and guess what she was not in bed she was watching her show on laptop while the guys were playing cards. I sat next to her and asked her what she was watching but she didnt even answer. After an hr i just told my husband i am going to bed and not going in hot tub. So i did.
The last time was when they came for my son baptism. We gave them logans room. She would constantly stay up in logans room until we decided we were leaving somewhere.
And now my husband and his friend think i hate her. I clearly told my husband i dont hate her or dislike her. I just dont try any more to get to know her when she shuts me down and only way she will talk with me is through a game.
So am i being unfair or stubborn cuz i dont want to get to know her.

    I'm just not sure why it matters? I mean I get it, it would be pretty nice if you and your husband and his bf and his wife were all "Friends" style.. but who cares if you aren't? As long as there's no open hostility - especially in front of the kids - who cares if you aren't best friends with her?

    Sometimes if I don't like someone and they keep being shoved under my nose it just irritates me. You're an adult, you're allowed to choose who you want to be friends with and sometimes people just don't mesh. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.
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