Are you romantic?

I think it is hard when you have been with someone for a really long time to feel romantic towards them on a day to day basis. You may love them and feel close to them, but what about romance?

I used to be the type to leave love notes on a pillow or do sappy things like that. I don't know what happened, life or stress.... I just stopped.

In your relationship is there romance? Or do you think after having kids that just naturally fades away?

    We never were really all that romantic, other than that time Trevor gave me a rose like the one from the poem I wrote lol! Our friends have all told us that they can always tell we're happy with each other, though, and we are, which is enough for us. Neither of us is the overly-romantic love-letter writing sappy type....though once, in English Lit, I based one of my homework poems on Trevor lol
      Neither of us is very romantic. I do write him little notes for his lunch every once in a while. I was cleaning out his dresser drawers the other day and seen that he has them all stashed in there lol and he has some little things he kept from out first few of them is an ad for a candy store we went into that he keeps on the fridge door. It really is the little things :-)
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