Are you thinking about Christmas yet?

I saw on my Facebook newsfeed that someone shared a count down to Christmas. Holy cannoli people, it's July! I can't think about that yet!

Are you thinking about Christmas in July?

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      Is it sad to admit that a tiny part of me ALWAYS has Christmas on my brain?
      I. LOVE. Christmas.
      It's the one time a year that my Mom actually payed attention to us. We had family get togethers, which I can do without now lol (though it is nice to see Granny again), but our Mom felt like "Mom" for that one time. We picked out a tree some years, or used a fake one in other years, and we all got to help decorate it. The "clippy birds" (bird ornaments that clipped onto branches) were my favorite. She put up lights outside and inside, she and I would bake for days beforehand...brownies, cookies of every single type we could imagine, random other bake-able it snowed. Now we're lucky to get a single flurry over winter...

      I want Nina to love Christmas as much as I do, though for different reasons lol! I -am- Mom all of the time, and I try to act like it. I'm not an absentee like my own was. I want her to love the lights and the colors, the general "spirit" that seems to be everywhere around Christmas. It's a happy time. I -might- even continue my Mom's tradition of baking all sorts of yummy things.
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