Oh, Nina-bean, you slay me...

I woke up sick this morning, with the intense need to barf up everything I've eaten for the past week. Fun, right? I just wanted to lay in bed...maybe read, or just sleep my misery away...

But I can't. I have a toddler.

Nina woke up bright and early, ready to play, ready to go on a bike ride, ready ready ready. I was -not- willing to go on a bike ride, at ALL...so we played outside on the little playground across the tiny parking lot instead, so she could get some outside time and maybe I had the hope that the fresh air would enliven me. Opposite!

I did manage to get to the post office though...my husband asked me to mail him my GoT books so he can compare the show to the books lol, since he hasn't read them. He also asked for his pink top hat that I got for him a few birthdays ago....apparently, aboard the Truxton, it is an actual thing where every Wednesday, they can wear whatever hat they want, no matter how silly, instead of their uniform cover hat. I can only imagine him in his blue camo NWU's, pink top hat over his silly handsome face, working on that ship lol

Now, it's Nina's nap/quiet time...and she's finally starting to settle down to actually nap today. Ugh...I just wanna sit here and game all day -in bed, somehow- and relax the sick away...

But I can't. I have a toddler.

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