What kind of bed?

So.. When I got my own little studio apartment after my divorce I couldn't afford much so I bought what I could (futons aren't made for fat 30 year olds..just sayin..lol). I saved up $300 and bought whatever that would get me from the local furniture store. It's not much, the mattress is like 6 inches thick. Nothing pillow-topped/satin/deep pocketed about this. But it was comfy and worked for me. I brought it up here and it's now in the spare bedroom.

Ed had a waterbed. Who the heck still uses a waterbed? Anyway.. he loved it but when I was pregnant, and with tendinitis in my shoulder I just couldn't sleep on it so I would end up on the couch a lot. I have no idea how much he spent, I know it was a lot, but he bought one of these sleep number beds.

Dear lord. It's the most uncomfortable thing I've ever slept on. There is no "right number", I've tried them all. And when he gets off his side of the bed, my side goes to hell anyway so it doesn't matter if I find the right number or not. It's gotten to the point where I wake up most days sobbing, and some nights I go sleep in the spare room. Not good for a relationship.

So I'm wondering what kind of beds you guys sleep on. I want to start saving for one so maybe if I meet him half way I won't feel so bad about him spending so much on a bed that I hate.

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      When we moved from Cali to Oregon we only brought what for on our very small car. Everything else was given away. The only furniture we brought was Tristens crib. So one day my husband was moving mattresses for a hotel and he asked if he could have a mattress and box spring and they told him if he could get it home he could. Somehow he managed to drive 30 miles with a king size mattress and two boxsprings on too of our two door car! Lol so that is our current bed...we don't even have a frame for it. But in a lot of ways we are still in the "starting over" process. We desperately need a new bed, but this beat the floor we were sleeping on.
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