Planned c-section in pregnancy: what to pack

I wouldn't say that you should pack anything differently than you would if you were having a vaginal delivery. I went insane packing everything I thought I would need and never even opened my bag until the day we left.

Remember that when you get home you have to unpack all of that stuff and you won't be feeling too hot, plus you'll have a baby tagging along so keep it light. Hospitals supply most of what you'll need. Mine had a robe and slippers to walk around in, so I never used the one I brought.

But I did like having my own bathroom stuff. Hospital shampoo and conditioner does not work well on hair like mine. So even though my hair was in a sloppy bun the whole time, it was nice to have my own things.

I think the most important part is to bring something comfy for when you leave. My belly had staples and tape on it so having a super loose pair of sweats worked perfectly for me. I would stay away from anything like Jeans or anything else with buttons or zippers.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I think I over packed with my first and then packed minimal amount with the rest. Hubby was always able to bring stuff from home or take things back.
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