Article: Reading aloud to children from birth

The AAP is now making a recommendation that parents read to their kids aloud from infancy. I so fully agree with this. Charlie has quite the library in his nursery and I try to read at least one little book, or at least a few tiny pages, at night. I've made it a part of his nightly routine so that it's not something that I miss. What I find interesting about the article is that it also mentions that the AAP also recommends that parents keep children away from screens until the age of 2. I didn't know that. To be honest I'm not sure if that will sway things. Charlie gets a few minutes here and there when he's really fussy to watch babytv because it brings in some focus.

Do you read aloud to your kids every day? When did you start?

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    8Theresa Gould
    We started really early. Pretty much from birth.

    Our younger three have had access to the screen early but minimally. Our youngest probably has had the most screen time but we have curbed that a lot.
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