Stay-at-home mommy EXHAUSTION! LOL

Ok, so with my son, I worked full-time (outside of the home)... after I had my daughter, I became a stay at home mom... but I have to say, I'm having a hard time trying to juggle everything! Between 2 kids, trying to keep up with the house, and working 30-40 hours a week from home.. I'M SPENT! I am not super mom and will never try to be.. hell, if I've eaten something and been able to take a shower, it's been a good day LOL Do any of you other mama's feel like you're supposed to be Mary freakin Poppins? LOL I def know my husband does NOT get it.

Stay-at-home mommy EXHAUSTION! LOL
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I'm a proud mommy of 2... Mason is 6 and Madison is 15 months, they are my world! I am currently a stay at home mommy, working from home, and trying to finish school. I love photography, scrapbooking, and cooking. I'm new to the site, just trying it out :)