Hungry! What should I eat?

Ugh! I hate having to figure out what to have for dinner. I can never think of something good and I always end up just settling or eating junk.

Give me some ideas please!

What is your favorite dinner meal?
What is your easy go to dinner?
Where do you like to go out to eat?

    Hmm. I am wondering this myself. Just made a quick dinner for the kids since me and my fiance were feeling a little icky due to the hot weather. But now I am getting a little hungry and don't know what I want.
      Dinner meal: Taco roll up or steak with pan fried asparagus and rice.
      Easy dinner: Biscuit sloppy joes
      going out to eat: Chinese restaurant or Pizza place.
        I plan menus out for 4 days at a time and get the things I need for those items in one trip to the store. This helps me, maybe it will help you. This 4 day stint: breakfast for dinner 1 night, blt's and chips, porkchops, and taco salads. Everyday, we decide what we want and that's what I fix that evening (1 night, 4 choice, 2nd night, 3 choices, etc.).
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