Solo Play Time..

Moms.. how much do you let your kiddos, even babies, just play by themselves? I always think about this.. how much is good for Monroe to sit in his bouncer, play with his toys, solo.. without me hovering over him.. I find him completely into some toys, talking to himself, jabbering, holding them, taking them to his mouth etc... but then I always think, oh gosh, should I be doing more with him? Or letting him be for a little while? He tends to stay content by himself quite often.. I remember chatting with my Mom about play time and being alone.. and she said she loved giving us room for our imaginations to grow.. more so when we were a little older, playing dolls by myself or just being in my room pretending or playing make believe.. but I wanted to hear your thoughts! To me.. it's all a big balancing act.. I read to Monroe daily, do tummy time, his play mat, scoop him around the house, dance, sing, play.. but I do think there is beauty in letting him play by himself sometimes.. what do you think?

    I love watching Selena play and learn on her own, I interact with her as much as she needs me to, but when she's content I let her be.
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