how to make your SO eat veggies..........

Gary wont eat freaking veggies. and idk how to get him to. Kado has been slowly not eating his too and im afraid that as he gets older and realizes daddy doesnt get veggies that kado will say, well if daddy doesnt need to eat them, i dont either....

so how can i get Him to eat them!!!! he is super freaking picky

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      A friend of mine puts together cartoon characters using food (you can research this by googling 'food art' or 'food art for kids' . It works really well for her 3-year-old boy but I feel like she's doing this just for herself now, cause it;s fun to do and to share on Instagram, lol!
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          My father hid cauliflour from me and used to make ommelettes with cauliflour in it...... sounds strange but I swear his omemelettes were the best and I only found out about his secret recipe about 2years ago lol.
          Castianhas become a picky eater too and he loves cheese. I make pizza at home and I put spinach, kale, diced butternut squash or whatever veggies on after the sauce of choice then cover with cheese so he doesn't really see the veggies and he likes it.

          Something else I've done is blending fruit and veggie smoothies. Cucumbers, kale and pineapple is one he likes. Or carrots apples and banana or mango. So many varieties you can try and mix with coconut water or just water. Summer being among us you could blend some green veggies mentioned above with pineapples or pineapple juice and freeze into smoothie pops as a summer treat.
          For other veggies (zuchini, cauliflour, broccoli, bell peppers. Anything) you could bread them and bake in the oven with a dipping sauce on the side. Slicing zuchini and making them into fries like you could do with sweet potatoes is yummy too. Or sliced raw carrots and celery with almond butter, yummy. Hope the suggestions are a lil helpful. I've had to try many things and still experimenting with others for lil man. Mark has been surprised at how some things really tasted yummy when the idea didn't always seem so. All we can do is try and if it doesn't work try something else :-) Good luck mama and don't give up although it can be so frustrating.
            Hey there! Jsut found some nice inspiration for that food art I told you about: . Let me know what you think ladies!
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