Wedding Quirks

Someone else's post made me think of this.
Did you do anything non-Traditional in your wedding? If you're not married, is there anything you would like to do that's not "the norm" for your wedding?

For ours, I had the dilemma of who was going to walk me down the isle: my Dad (who I didn't get along with and hadn't seen in a year, but hey, it's the traditional role of Dad to walk you down the isle and give you away, right?) or my Step-dad (who I had grown to love and respect almost as if he was my actual dad)? I worried over this for weeks.

Finally, I decided that neither of them would. I would give myself away, sort of. Trevor and I walked down the isle together, instead of me walking alone or with my dad or step dad while Trevor waits under the trellis. A lot of our family asked if that was to show our equality in this marriage, and I guess it could work like that. I just didn't want to offend either parent by choosing one over the other, and there was no way in hell I was going to walk by myself while everyone stared at me. Besides, Trevor was my source of happiness and strength. Who better to walk with me into our new life than the person with whom I would be sharing it?

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      My Husband and I did not have a Wedding party (Groomsmen and Bridesmaids.) My Husband is a pretty shy guy and doesn't have too many friends. He has Bro in Laws, but didn't feel like he was super close to them to ask. I originally had a LOT of friends in mind for Bridesmaids, but in the end we did the right thing and had a blast!

      Only regret, is I NEVER had a Bachelorette party with Bridesmaids. (Not a huge let down, just a bummer)
      That's pretty much the reason we didn't have bridesmaids or groomsmen, too. I don't have really any female friends, so it'd be weird to have guys being "Bridesmen" xD, and most of those guys are my husband's friends, too, but they're all also mostly in the navy, too, so they were away. It was easier to have it just be us and the friend who was acting as Pastor up there.

      I'm actually relieved I didn't have a bachelorette party xD I'm not much for parties
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