Biggest challenges facing our public education system

In your mind, what are the biggest challenges facing the public school education system?

Is it SOL testing? Drop out rates? School safety? Bullying?

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      I think one of the biggest issues they face at least here in Oregon is being politically correct. There are schools that no longer allow the teacher to use a red pen to grade the students work...because they decided it makes the kid feel bad! When our poor teachers have to spend time worrying about what color pen they use so that a student doesn't feel bad that they got an answer wrong instead of spending time being able to teach the student how to fix the mistake...we'll we have serious issues. Education has become more about teaching social skills and less and less about math and reading and science...there needs to be a balance and teachers need to have more freedom to teach AND correct.
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          I am going into teaching and I personally HATE common core. I am totally going to homeschool if my SO let's me. I refuse to send my kids to public school if I can help it!! Teachers now days really don't know how to deal with kids or teach for that matter and I can't blame them because they aren't learning the right things! I have observed good and bad and in the are I am at the kids are really far behind.
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