Bitter sweet

So It looks like I'm going to be going home earlier then planned. The job luke is working on is ending in two weeks and he is being sent to another job here in New mexico until they are ready for him in Alabama. This being said its a job where they don't let wife's and SO stay with them because they put all the workers basically in a giant cabin together. " Man camp" is what the all call it. This being said I'm leaving to go home on Monday, I'm so excited to go home. But that is such a long tie time be away from each other and this means he wont be able to take any birthing classes with me. I know the time will fly by but its still a little sad.

I knooow! We looked for openings near Maine but the only place near is Virginia and they haven't officially started working on the Damns yet.
    Thanks girls, I hope it goes by fast, I'm sure it will. I'm bringing Paisley home with my, she will be flying for the first time so I'm getting her adjusted now to her new kennel.
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    Hi, my boyfriend and I have recently found out we are having a baby, a little unexpected but now that it is becoming reality we are very excited!