I don't want my tax dollars to fund abortions.

It seems as though this is a common misconception, that places such as Planned Parenthood use tax dollars to fund abortions. This is simply NOT true. In fact, they legally cannot use federal funds for this.

Here's some information in the link below about Planned Parenthood. I just ask that you read it. If you would like to answer the question of do you support Planned Parenthood then please comment below.

From the link:

Second, the idea that tax dollars fund abortion is not true. For more than 30 years, federal tax dollars have not funded abortions in the United States except in the rarest of cases, and Planned Parenthood is subject to routine audits to ensure that public and charitable funds are being used in compliance with the law. - See more at: http://www.plannedparenthood.org/planned-parentho…

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      In Oregon when you go into Planned Parenthood and you have state funded insurance they can charge medical for your abortion because Oregon is one of the states that cover it. They get around it by charging your "insurance" company...but since that insurance company is paid for by the state through tax dollars...it is essentially being paid for by tax dollars. Also in Oregon the health department will give you an abortion for free. Which again is funded by tax dollars.
        I believe abortions should only be preformed if there is a serious medical problem with the mother or fetus that comprises them both and it is the only option. Or in the case of a conception due to rape or incest molestation.
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