Are you judgmental?

I witnessed a sad exchange in the grocery store the other day. When I say sad I mean it made me a bit angry. When I say it made me a bit angry I mean it's a good thing my boy was with me so that I maintained my temper.

The thin woman behind me thought it was her business to tell the larger woman in front of me that vegetables would be more healthy for the toddler sitting her cart than potato chips would be.

Who actually does this?

The woman in front of me clearly thought she had to explain herself, because she did. Those chips were an item that she was bringing for a potluck bbq.

"Still, you could help those around you by not eating things like that."

I immediately wondered if she would have said anything at all if the woman in front of me was also thin. Probably not. Which of course made me think of the times people have said something to me at the ice cream shop, but nothing to my thin friend.. who was also at the ice cream shop.

I have posted with most of you for months now. I know how sweet and caring and encouraging you are. But I have to know... when you see a bigger woman engaging in unhealthy behavior, does it strike a different chord than if you see a thinner woman doing the same? I'm not asking if you think it should matter. Obviously it shouldn't, we all know that. But deep down does it make you a bit judgmental?

    I don't think so. I don't care what other people eat. Granted, I don't always eat so healthy, even when I'm skinny. True, it's getting better now that I'm losing weight but I still grab that bag of doritos and that pack of coke. Does that mean I hide the chips in my own cart under some broccoli or something sometimes? Maybe xD But why would you EVER be so rude? It's not helpful. Stop thinking that's what you're being if you are gonna try to tell someone what they should and should not eat or should and should not being to a party. It's their life.
      wow! That was very rude of her and of course very assumptive. I personally dont judge that way and treat people differently based on looks by any means; although I know people that would. Some people are heavy due to diseases and truly can't help themselves. It makes me so upset inside when people are mis-treated as well. In most cases these negatively judging outspokenly rude people are typically insecure themselves and some how feel better doing/acting in such ways.
        Ugh! How rude! I would never comment to a stranger in a grocery store about what they are buying. I feel bad for that mother!

        Now, as a doula/childbirth educator I do counsel my clients on their eating habits if I have a concern. BUT, I do so in an educational way and not to hurt their feelings.
          Wow, I cannot imagine saying that to anyone. Sometimes when I see someone that is bigger, I wonder what is going on with them that has gotten them to this point. Before having a kid, I was someone who had no issues maintaining a consistent weight with regular excercise and a decent diet, though now, with a little one, it is so hard to make the time I need to for excerise. While I love working out, right now, I love my time with my daugther more!
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