So.. when did you get comfortable with boogers?

Charlie never has little kid snot. The few times he has I've dealt with it. No biggie. Poop doesn't bother me.. okay it bothers me but I can handle it.

But boogers? Real live boogers? Why can't I get past this one? lol

    lol good heavens., and here I thought you ladies were going to give me some encouragement.. still bad huh?

    Yeah, not going to happen. He is not handing me boogers! AHHHH! I'll tell him to hand them to dad. OMG.

    It's like.. y'know how they say... "What's scarier than seeing a spider?" "Not seeing it anymore".. that's like a booger.. Charlie is on the floor playing, I look at him and he's got a serious dangler.. so I grab a baby wipe.. now it's gone...

      Honestly boogers and poo have never bothered me. But when he has snot hanging from his face and I go grab something to wipe and come back and it's gone I know he ate it and THAT makes me want to hurl! Lol But the farts...I can't handle the farts.
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