What happended to my face and body?!

After back to back pregnancies it felt as if I was pregnant and outta shape for three years. Here recently I found myself battling the infamous hair loss, puffy eyes, dark circles, stretchy belly skin and *gasp* stretch marks. Bio Oil helped, but I did prefer the Palmers Cocoa butter mixed with Earth's Best Vitamin E (bought them at Walmart) while I was pregnant. My cousin sent me the RE9 line for the face, detoxifying wash for the crazy hormone acne breakouts and firming body cream. It's like night and day. Love my skin again. Now if only I can fit in time for those free vids from fitness blender on the brazillian butt lift I'll have it made ;)

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    8Theresa Gould
    My body needs work but thankfully I haven't had any facial issues (other than dark circles). We have "motherhood" scars, but there's gotta be a better term than scars.
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