Bye Bye Geese, Hello Peking Ducks

Our geese are just not working out so we are saying good bye to them tomorrow.

Then a CSA member (our Consumer Supported Agriculture vegetable subscription) gave us a trio of Peking ducks. We shall see how they fit in on our farm!

No pictures yet as hubby picked them up tonight and is settling them in. Hopefully tomorrow I can get photos.

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
8Theresa Gould
The geese are not nice, which we had heard. They act like guard dogs and EVERYONE in our family hated them. Oh they were beautiful to watch, they were beautiful as a couple....however....they were not nice. They were even attacking the new baby goat or the male goose was. :( So they were processed today with our broilers (meat chickens). I had hoped to offer goose eggs or goose meat at the holidays with the offspring, but oh well.

I'm hoping the breeding trio of ducks work out better. Still haven't got photos yet.
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