Trip to McDonalds

My husband and I had to go to Augusta today to finish getting my schooling stuff ready. We took our daughter to McDonalds. When we first got there she wanted to go to the play area. Well I took her while her father went to go order and wait on the food. He came to get us when he received our food. Well she decided she didn't want to go inside And I told her she had to go eat and that we'd go back and play afterward. The whole time she decided to throw a temper tantrum while she was supposed to be eating and refused her food even after her father and I told her that if she didn't eat she wouldn't go play. We had all kind of people staring at us because we kept telling her no she had to eat first. Needless to say we stood our ground and didn't give in and we left with her food in our hand and her upset and crying cause she didn't get to play.

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