My Dirty Mind...

I apologize, I have not gotten a chance to read the responses to my last post. Our bathroom was super dirty, three boys, who are all now required to sit down to go potty, I'm sure I've made my point. Lol So it's almost 100° here today and I need a shower after cleaning. I have learned to take extremely quick showers due to our issues in this house. Oldest brother is not home so it's myself, 6 & 5. Within five minutes I walk back into my bedroom which is covered with popcorn, shoes, shorts and pieces of cookies. I vacuumed last night. My two handsome little guys (no matter what they do, these boys are my heart) have decided to play let's throw popcorn and pieces of cookie into the fan and watch how far they go! I cannot take my eyes off of these guys!!!!! I'm trying so hard not to be negative all the time and I am so tired of being upset with them for not listening. And when it's clean up time - it's a 45 minute fit (I think they play rock, paper, scissors to see whose day it is to throw one) it's insane. I'm trying super hard not to just do it myself because I know that will get me nowhere fast. Anyway, sorry to be venting again. Just amazed at how quickly they can destroy a room. No more showers I guess, watch out world! Haha. Totally kidding - I guess just have to stick to my morning showers instead.

Sherice HardieMount Vernon, Washington
    Try this website - I love it, and it has some really good ideas.
      Sherice Hardie
      I do know better, they had been in the bathroom cleaning with me but as soon as I shut the shower door they were gone. It literally was 5 minutes. I should have taken a picture, my boys are super quick! We are working on rules, I don't know if anyone read my other post but I am on my own for the first time, after having three boys. It has been just over a year now. The boys Dad's are not in the picture. They are not nice men. My picker is seriously dysfunctional so I have decided to have my boys be the only men in my life. We are all in counseling, working on things, since the situation we all left with my two youngest boys Dad was super bad.
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