Wow.. for life, a Dad for life.

This article is unique and amazing and not something you normally read about.. it's about a couple, a young couple who are married.. and the husband finds out he has terminal brain cancer.. given 5-10 years to live.. what happens next is unique, bold and quite amazing I think.. they knowingly decide to try and have a baby.. and it happens, just like that. It's quite a lot to digest.. knowing her husband will pass away.. but planning to have a child with him. I find it inspiring.. if you think about it, why just sit and wait to pass away.. when you can live life, like you were going to, and experience becoming a parent, giving life to someone and enjoying what time you have. I am sure some people might think this is selfish, to know he will pass away and that his little girl will lose her father.. but in my mind.. we all experience struggles and loss, right? At some point in our lives, it will happen... just because they KNOW it's going to happen for sure, what difference does it make? They gave life to a sweet little girl and he lived out his days the way I am certain he would have wanted..

Weigh in on this Mamas.. do you think you would have or could have done the same?…

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