the dreaded talk

Gary said "we are going to have to talk about our lack of sex life soon"

im freaking out!!!! i dont know how to even begin to explain to him that i just dont feel up to sex..... im a single mother 2/3rds of the time and im tired, emotionally and physically. he'll never understand, he will just blame himself and tell me that he is trying. and i know he is. but its not his fault sex is just not in me....

sigh what do i do :(

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        I think you should first have the "we need to talk about getting me on birth control" talk before any other talks are had. You've said before that you guys don't live together and there are some financial issues so I'm just taking a stab at it but I'm assuming you aren't planning on another child just yet.

        I fully agree with Debi. Sometimes with me it's not so much that I'm not into sex, just that things might feel a bit rushed and the intimacy of it all is lacking.

        Wish you the best, these talks are necessary but rarely easy.
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