The dogs are GROUNDED!

So.. there are some deep troubles with my mom right now. Not important. But in the midst of it all I had to go get her dog. I had given it to her when she first moved up here in hopes that they would be great companions for each other.

My dog is alpha through and through. They get along really well, but then out of the blue, Lexi (my dog) will go bonkers and attack the heck out of Flo. Flo is a very submissive girl and just kind of takes it. It drives me insane.

Yesterday it all came to a head and Lexi got a good dose of who the alpha really is in this house. I was sitting at the kitchen table feeding Charlie and I heard this crazy yelping screaming coming from the back yard. So I ran back there and there they are fighting.

Yelled at both of them to come inside and separated them. Later I noticed that Flo kept messing with her leg.. the sound of a dog licking grosses me out, I can't handle it. So I check her out and she's got a puncture wound in her leg. Great. Wonderful. I call her into the kitchen so I can clean it and she's limping like crazy.

So I contacted the humane society that I used to work with and get her up on facebook to find a home asap. It's been a very stressful 24 hours. I have to keep my eyes on all of them individually. Flo basically just lays here on the couch with me but Lexi is totally bummed out at me.

How in the heck do people do this with more than one kid!?!?

    The part that's the hardest is that I know Lexi loves having her here. She even shares her food and toys with Flo. I have no idea what triggers these fights but it's not good. We do have a small animal shelter here but I won't let Flo sit in a cement box waiting for a home.

    So yeah, she's here until the humane society can find her either a foster home or permanent home.

    If the kids fighting is worse they're just going to boot camp. Period! lol
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