Some help on potty training boys.

My son is three years old and I have been potty training him since February. We almost have him peeing in the toilet, but having real difficulty in getting him to go number 2 on the toilet. I have tried everything, from stickers for making it to letting him run around the house naked so that he can go on the toilet. It is a little tricky because he has difficulty verbalizing, so he may have an accident before he can say he has to go. The crazy thing is that his pull-up will be bone dry when he wakes up in the morning, and he is showing the signs that he is ready to be potty trained. He is going to start going to a pre school this August, so I really want to get him fully potty trained before then. What have you ladies done to get potty success for your little guys?

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      Sara Saunders
      Sometimes just hanging out on the potty helps. Have you tried a stack of books to look at, or magazines to flip through. I think it just has to do with comfort on the potty. Especially if you have a certain time of day he tends to poo that is a good window to use for potty time. You could even do some coloring in his lap if that's his thing. Mine were little bookworms. Have a special reward for going on the potty, a special show he could watch only after poo time or a special snack or toy that he only gets after a successful launch. Talk about the special reward through out the day. Just sitting at breakfast, try mentioning the treat.........I sure hope we get to watch......or read or have that special thing today.
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