So happy!

My Fiance changed his mind and decided to come with us this weekend to go camping with my family. He was originally going to stay home and work on the house but changed his mind today and said he wants to go with us. Going to be lots of fun! Taking the kids camping for the first time, to an amusement park that's owned by the campground and to a water park where later in the day they will be setting off fireworks. :) Me and my fiance went up there about 4 years ago and I found out I was pregnant while we were there!! Unfortunately I miscarried with that baby but our trip together was so much fun. He had never been there before and he loved it. I used to go there all the time growing up. We are hoping next year to have a family reunion up there with all the family we used to go camping with. I so can't wait! We leave tomorrow!! :)

amandaMorrisville, Pennsylvania
    So bad news... Now he says he's not going again.
      8Theresa Gould
      We went camping all the time during the summer when I was a child. It was so much fun and we have so many great memories. Hope you all have a fabulous time!
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