Happy July ladies

I wasn't able to get online much in the month of June. I had my baby and have been recovering from that, I'm 100% back from the birth but a lot of things fell behind while I wasn't able to do everything. My mom helped as much as she could but even she doesn't know how I do every single thing each day. She went home on Monday after spending nearly a month here helping me out get back on my feet and help with the kids. I haven't been able to get any new pics, I have some on my phone but can't figure out how to load them onto the computer here in the bedroom, my laptop quit working it was on it's last legs anyways so I'm just waiting to get some money towards a new one.

I hope that everyone has a great 4th of July weekend, we're going to Kansas City to watch the fireworks tomorrow and spend the weekend there with all the kids it's a few hours down there and we'll have fun. I need to check on the kids now but I'll check back in later before I go to bed.

9Michelle FritchBellevue, Nebraska
    9Michelle Fritch
    Thanks ladies. I wasn't able to get back online last night everything was just hectic here, I wasn't able to get all the kids bathes last night so I had to have a few take one this morning and it just threw me behind schedule.

    We are on our way to Kansas City though, Tim's driving we're about two hours from being there and have our hotel reserved. It's hard traveling with everyone but I'm doing the best I can and having Tim here too helps, we have to get two hotel rooms, all the boys will be in one room and all the girls in another room, I'll stay in the room with the girls and have Cody sleep with us and the rest of the boys in the other room with Tim sleeping with them. We'll have fun, all the older kids brought their swimming suits so they'll have fun in the pool at the hotel too and we'll watch Kansas City's fireworks tonight. After everything yesterday and today we're off to a good start to Kansas City and about to stop for lunch. I'll do my best to check in later but I'll most likely be pretty busy with the kids.
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