Male vs Female OB/GYN?

Did you care if your doctor was a male or a female? I know some ladies don't want a male, or female for different reasons. I think you have to go with what you are comfortable with, of course.

I personally didn't care. Mine happened to be male and he was the only one I had until he retired. I trusted him and liked his bedside manner.

Did you have a preference?

    I wanted a female doctor and got one but ended up changing doctors about a week before Tristen was born and the new doctor was a male doctor. The woman doctor was HORRIBLE! I'm glad that he was delivered by the doctor he was. I didn't think I would feel comfortable with a male doctor but it ended up a good thing.
      I had a male who had a female colleague and I was seen by both. The male was my actual doctor and delivered all of my kids but it was nice I got to have visits with both for questions you just feel more comfortable asking a woman about.
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