how to deal with stress and being pregnant??

last night my baby didn't go to sleep until 4a.m. and I was so tired I wanted to sleep and he wanted to play I was in so much stress and I am pregnant 6weeks I don't know what to do

I don't have outside help my friends stopped talking to me after my baby was born cuz they were single and had no boyfriends they want to go shopping and party etc.

Being PREGNANT and having a10 month baby too...
I know now it wasn't the best idea but there's nothing I can do know I just hope everything works out with my other baby hopefully I don't have a miscarriage I don't think I could handle one.....I cried this morning cuz he was rolling over on top of me so I moved and he hit himself on the wooden party of the window I called him down it took him a while to calmed down thank god he's okay now but I just couldn't anymore so I started to cry holding my little one then he fell asleep so I was able to get some sleep too

Some times I feel over worked and exhausted....I feel I can't get mad or angry or upset or stressed out I don't want to hurt my baby

    I feel guilty when I am angry for long periods of time because I don't want that emotion or hormone to influence my baby. If it gives you peace of mind, you could always check with your OB or hospital about a fetal check test. I had one done last night, and hearing my baby's heart beat and seeing the print out of her heart rate, the nurse telling me that baby is fine...does give me a lot of peace of mind.

    I also read an article that if your baby or toddler does some rough housing when you're pregnant, rest assured that your baby is cushioned with so many layers of protection (bones, muscles, amniotic sac)....that it'd have to be something major to cause any kind of complication.

    Is there a playgroup you can participate in so you can have some face to face support from other moms? Maybe that will help you some...
      well my son is only 10months old and no there's no support group around here that where I looked for one online instead
      sure I live near McAllen tx 78504
      thank you
      I googled meet up groups for moms in your area. Are you familiar with You can sign up for specific groups and choose the ones that fit your interest: new moms & infants, etc... Let me know if you need help with registering. It doesn't cost to register, but some of the groups have fees to keep the "meet ups" going. Physically being around other mothers with kids in the same age group will help you :-)
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