What Solids to Start With??

Grayson will be 6 months on the 16th although I have decided to postpone solid food till 7-8 month because he was born 5 weeks early and feeding solid foods to early leads to stomach problems which runs in my family...

But what I wanted to know is what were the first solids you gave your little ones. Cereal? Veges? Fruits? And did you make your own baby food or was it store bought? Thanks.

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    Hi Mackenzie! I started Charlie on peas, sweet potatoes and apple sauce. I'll also be introducing butternut squash this week. I am personally skipping cereal because of the negative articles I've read about it but that's my decision.

    I do make my own baby food because I don't like the added sugars and preservatives and cost of the store bought. Bananas and avocados are also a great food to start with! It's best to introduce foods one at a time to gauge against potential allergic reactions.
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