Dear Shoe Companies....

I get it. You're all competing for a younger audience because at that age, parents are still buying and paying way too much for shoes for their kids. I understand. You're not catering to me, the 30 something that only needs a pair because hers went through the ringer during a rental remodel.

I know that you've done your research and know that I only buy a pair of shoes every few years or longer, if needed. I know that you know I'm overweight and do not have a reason to go down the running shoe aisle unless you're giving out free samples at the end of said aisle.

The fact that you charge as much as you do tells me that you are paying your research companies A LOT.... Which begs the question.... Why oh why, when I finally gave in and decided to buy a new pair of shoes... Was I seeing so much neon? Was there a sale on yellow, bright green, and pink? Dear God so much pink! And what did you add to the purple to make it radioactive like that?

I'm in my 30's. I'm fat and I'm a new mom. Do you really think I'll choose the pair of shoes that make me look like I'm on my way to work at the Big Top? Give Barnum and Bailey my regards.

Thank you Skechers... I love my choice :)

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