Mom's if you are going to a fireworks display here's a little advise.

It's better to be safe than trying to get into traffic with your little one screaming from the noise of the fireworks.Also I went and bought glow sticks for my little one to wear,just in case so they are seen very well at night.I bought blue for Matthew and red and green for my step sisters little one's.She wants to go close and I told her there ears in which there a lot more sensitive to the noise.With that I called my other step sister up and were going to her house to lay the blanket out front and have a great view a house in case of diaper changes and to escape the dark and noise in case any one of the little one get scared.Trust me it happened with my oldest son and he is 15and he never liked to go to close.My Kaylee loves them.To all mom's be prepared for a little one new to the fireworks and have a safe and happy holiday.

4Shauna ZieglerAllentown, Pennsylvania
    8Theresa Gould
    That's a great idea. Hope you all have a great time!