Sleepless Night...

I mentioned it before, but the weather completely sucked last night.
It started with getting 3 automated calls on my phone right as I was going to bed about a tornado in the immediate area. Fun, right?

About 5 minutes later, I get another automated warning saying to take shelter immediately, because a funnel cloud was coming down literally right over our heads, and, well, this apartment doesn't have a great shelter spot, so I tossed stuff out of my bedroom closet, laid a blanket down on the floor in there, and brought Nina (who was sound asleep through ALL of this) in with me and we sat for a while, while she slept and I read from my Nook Glowlight, with my phone nearby. I had the closet door peeked open, so I could see out the bedroom was windy as hell, rain smashed against the glass, and thunder rumbled.

I'm not good with this kind of weather.
Not even a little bit.
So we sat there until my phone said it was safe again, and I could see outside that it was dying down. I put Nina back in her bed, and returned to the living room. I wasn't sleepy anymore.

Normally, we don't bother to take cover during tornado warnings, but we've never had one that close before. Only one other time has it happened, and that was before I was even pregnant with Nina, while I lived with my husband (boyfriend, at the time) at his mom's house. At that time, they insisted we head into the basement for cover because the sky had turned a dark neon green, trees were nearly horizontal, and hail the size of baseballs was falling. I didn't have my husband here to reassure me this time, and I had gotten so many messages so far that the tornado was right next to here, I figured it was better to be safe and feeling silly than to be sorry. If it had just been me, I might have done nothing, but I have Nina, and I was trying to be safe for her sake. Motherhood is weird.

Once the wind died down, it was just a regular old loud thunderstorm as the rest of the hurricane passed by us. I was too stressed and generally wired up to sleep anymore, so I just layed on the couch with my phone nearby, the gigantic curtain over the patio glass door cracked so I could keep an eye on the weather, and re-read as much of the Green Rider series as I could.

I hope you ladies had a better night!
Also, Happy 4th of July! Have some fun!

>.< I've never lived in a hurricane-able area, and wasn't sure what to do other than what I did...I loathe tornadoes, they terrify me more than I can say. The thought of a hurricane was just..."Well, shit. I'm here by myself, with a toddler. My husband is half the world away. It's 2 in the morning so I can't call anyone to talk to. I don't know anyone here and they're probably used to this crap anyway..." Sometimes I really wish we had gotten San Diego instead of Norfolk
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        8Theresa Gould
        That would be scary! Glad you are all ok.

        Hope the weekend is better and you get to enjoy the 4th of July celebrations!
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